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  • Do I need a hunting license to hunt at Autumn Olive?
    All bird hunters must have a valid Outdoors Card, as well as your own gun and ammunition. Deer and turkey hunters must also have a valid tag for the game they are hunting.
  • Can I bring children to hunt at Autumn Olive?
    We love having young hunters come and experience the outdoors with their parent or guardian. Rules regarding apprentice hunters can be found on the Ontario Hunter Apprenticeship Safety Program website. We permit ONE non-licensed observer to accompany a hunting group. The parent or guardian shall assume liability for the child.
  • Do I have to sign a release?
    Yes. Each hunter will be required to sign a release upon arrival at the preserve. You may bring a signed copy of the release with you to speed things up. You can find a copy of the release HERE.
  • Are there blaze orange requirements?
    Yes. At Autumn Olive, for your own safety, you must wear a blaze orange hat AND vest when hunting birds on our property. During the controlled deer hunts, the mandatory blaze orange rules do apply. Ministry regulations apply when hunting deer or turkey. Please refer to the regulations for more info.
  • Can I hunt pheasants without a dog/guide?
    No. We highly recommend the use of a trained hunting dog when pursuing pheasants or chukars. You can easily walk right by a pheasant that has decided to hold tight, or on the flip side, you may find birds running in front of you and flushing way out of gun range. Pointing dogs and guides are available and are your best chance for a successful hunt.
  • Are pheasants good eating?
    Ring-necked pheasants are excellent eating. Roasted, grilled, fried, sauteed - just take care not to overcook them!
  • How many hunters can I have in a group?
    We can accommodate anywhere from a single hunter up to 20 hunters, split into smaller groups. Our property allows for up to 3-4 separate groups hunting simultaneously. We recommend keeping groups smaller (2-6 hunters) to allow for better shooting opportunities for everyone.
  • Is there a minimum number of birds per group?
    Yes, the minimum number of birds for any hunt is 10 pheasants or 15 chukars (when available). For groups of 3 or larger, a minimum of 4 pheasants or 6 chukars per hunter is required.
  • What shot size do you recommend for bird hunting?
    A shot size of 4 or 5 in a 2 3/4" length is suitable for pheasants. If you'll be hunting primarily chukars, we would recommend 6 or 7.5.
  • How long is a typical hunt?
    For 10-19 birds, you may hunt up to 4 hours (AM or PM hunt). For a hunt of 20+ birds, you are welcome to hunt the whole day.
  • Can I book a scratch hunt?
    No, we don't offer scratch hunting (hunting with no birds released). This allows our clients the chance at hunting the stray birds from previous groups. Many groups flush many more birds than were released for them, which is always a thrill!
  • Can I bring my own dog?
    Yes. Clients are welcome to bring their own hunting dogs. We recommend that your dog have had some form of training prior to its first hunt. At the very minimum, your dog should be conditioned to gunfire. We recommend that all dogs on the property be properly vaccinated, wear a blaze orange hunting collar with the owner's contact information. As there may be multiple dogs on the property at any one time, please do not bring a bitch in season or an aggressive dog.
  • What is the usual success rate for hunting pheasants?
    There are a lot of factors that determine a hunter's success rate on any given day. Weather, experience level, skill of dog, shot accuracy and a good dose of luck will have a bearing on the number of birds you come back with. In general, most of our hunters achieve a 50-80% success rate.
  • What does a guided turkey hunt entail?
    When you book a guided turkey hunt, the guides will scout for flocks and will set up decoys and/or blinds. On the day of your hunt, the guide will accompany you to the hunting location and provide guidance, advice and turkey calling services if needed. A guided hunt also includes accommodations at one of our cabins.
  • What shot size do you recommend for turkey hunting?
    A shot size of 3 or 4 in a 3" length is suitable for turkey.
  • Do you provide blinds?
    Yes, we can provide you use of a ground blind. We have 3 or 4 available, however you may wish to bring your own.
  • Is full camo required?
    Turkeys have extremely keen eyesight. Hunters require full camo to blend in with their surroundings. This includes a face mask or face paint, hat, gloves, pants and long sleeves. Scent control is also recommended.
  • Do you provide blinds?
    Yes. We have some permanent ground blinds set up at various locations on our property. We also have lots of portable ground blinds you may use and set up where you'd like. If you wish you use a tree stand you must bring your own, as well as safety equipment. You are responsible for the set up and take down of your own tree stand, and accept responsibility for your own safety when using your tree stand.
  • Can I day-hunt at AO?
    We are not offering day-hunting for the 2023 fall season.
  • Do you offer a guided deer hunt?
    We are not offering guided deer hunts for the 2023 fall season.
  • Do you offer black powder hunts?
    Yes, we do offer black powder hunts. There are three black powder weeks in our WMU. See regulations for dates and details. These controlled hunts generally get booked months in advance, so inquire early.
  • What are the check-in and check-out times for the cabins?
    Unless arranged in advance, check-in time is 3pm. Check-out time is 11am.
  • What amenities are provided at Camp Iron?
    The newly renovated Camp Iron is outfitted with a full kitchen, indoor bathroom with composting toilet and rv-sized shower, wood stove heat, dining table and comfortable living room with satellite TV. The bedroom features 3 bunk beds and a double. No linens, towels or pillows are provided. There is a BBQ available for use as well.
  • What amenities are provided at Main Camp?
    The main cabin is outfitted with a full kitchen with municipal water, bathroom with shower, gas fireplace, large dining table and comfortable living room with satellite TV. The loft features 9 beds, in addition to a pull-out couch. No linens, towels or pillows are provided. There is a BBQ available for use as well.
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