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We will be open for pheasant hunting from September 30, 2023 to March 30, 2024. Please note updated pricing for this season. 

(Effective Sept 30, 2023)

$30 per pheasant, equal mix of hens & roosters

Minimum release of 10 pheasants, or 4 pheasants per hunter for groups more than 2

Guiding (1 pointing dog and handler):
(Effective Dec 1, 2022)
$100 for up to 4 hours
$200 for 4+ hours

Guides must be reserved in advance, gratuity not included and is appreciated



Experience a unique hunting opportunity! Tower shoots feature fast action and multiple shooting opportunities for everyone. Our European Tower Shoots feature 10 shooting stations around a 30 foot central tower. One or two hunters stand at each station, while pheasants are released, one at a time, from the tower. Every 10-20 birds, hunters will rotate their station, allowing for a different shooting angle.


Downed birds are collected at the end of the shoot, while your group heads back to camp for a break. After a break, you can head back out to the field and woods to chase the ones that got away. Guides and dogs are available if you don't have your own hunting dog. 

Tower hunts are available for groups between 10-20, with a minimum release of 10 pheasants per hunter. 

Please contact us for more information.

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